Japanese game show: bear attacks person in a plastic cube

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Why is she screaming so much? Did they put her in the box and not tell her that she was going be a play toy for a bear?

Maybe she signed up for karaoke?

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Inside the box? I guess they do all KINDS of crazy shit on Japanese gameshows, so who knows?

I’m sure they did tell her, and also told her “do like, a ton of scream noises so that everyone can know how super crazy this stunt is.” It’s like a laugh track, but for terror.


I’m going to be a killjoy, but after the slow loris post earlier this week this video is discomforting. Even if this bear was an orphan or “problem” bear that is mostly treated well in captivity, I don’t think it gives humans the right to trot it out for their own entertainment. We have no way of knowing whether the bear is enjoying this, or it’s getting pissed off because it can’t get to food, or it feels threatened by the two-legged beast with strange fur holding a small black box. It says something depressing about how many humans are coming to view nature.

I think it is a bad idea for the game show to abuse the bear in such a way. I’m surprised you disagree.

I can not believe that you feel humans should ignore nature! We should appreciate it while it is still around!

People with your attitude are responsible for the coming environmental apocalypse.

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cube goes in the woods. you go in the woods. Bear’s in woods. Our Bear.


Bear shits in the woods.

Almost certainly a stage name - imouto means little sister.

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disturbs Pope.

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That video has been edited. What are they hiding? Maybe she was actually eaten.


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