Japanese ice-cream robot is a marvel of overengineered whimsy

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“… represents a triumph of art over commerce and joy over greed.”

I don’t know. Use of the robot over the long-term eliminates the additional costs inherent in having a person handle the ice cream. And the sight of an ice cream vending robot is perhaps more likely to entice someone to purchase its ice cream.


Reminds me of one of my final projects for my last Japanese course in college.

We were tasked with translating a couple of short stories to English. One of the stories was about a beautiful female robot bartender, who was built by the owner as a sneaky way of making some extra money.

The drinks people bought for the beautiful robot were stored in the legs, and then re-served to the patrons later so the owner could basically sell the drinks twice. Eventually, a very amorous man came and bought the robot many drinks, but got angry at the empty, mechanical platitudes the robot woman offered. He left and returned with a poison, which he served to the robot, who happily drank it.

Later that night a silence descended on the bar, as one by one every patron fell unconscious and died.


“Eat the ice cream… Eat the ice cream.”


Right, it’s more like art and joy feeding into commerce.


eat the ice cream.


Error 518: Delight not supported. Unit substituting appreciative wiggle.


Did that robot do the Shaq Wiggle?

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Nothing is “overengineered” so long as it performs better than expected.

One could even say that “overengineering” synonymizes with “progress”.

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Just wondering how people described the soft serve ice cream swirl before poop-emoji came along.
[performs research]
Ah, here it is. “Forming a swirl that cries out for an evocative description…”


If only they could make a robot unicorn…


Boy, the robot murder rate over there must be huge for them to put a convenience store window.


A popular one around here was “dog shit on a cone”. Although I would be worried for the dog if it shit like that.

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I don’t think that i could do that jerb all day and still be smiling like that.

It’s fun to watch. A form of Robotainment.

Heck I’d love to see the robot bartenders they have on cruise ships now in dry land bars.

It is like a triumph of art and engineering and dissing interns over commerce.

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Is the story itself available? In English I mean.

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