Japanese man who left for lunch break 3 minutes early is shamed, forced to apologize on television

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Jee Zuz /rolls eyes

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I dislike when we get BB posts that ostensibly point at other cultures and suggest how they are inferior.

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Inferior? This is a clear sign of superiority. Imagine a Trump supporter watching this video.


i try not to imagine a Trump supporter at all in any way shape or form.

I just ate lunch for crying out loud.


There is a work tradition in Japan that requires you to stay until your manager leaves. I have seen managers sit at their desk shuffling papers and surfing the internet until really late. The response is that they start the day slowly, take lots of breaks and begin work earnestly at about 3PM. This is slowly changing with not only western influence but but also a shift in the way things are done as a result of electricity restrictions following the Fukushima disaster. Another result was to not run the air conditioning as much and making every day casual Friday.


I am reminded of a literary device involving embarrassment expressed as death-related metaphors in Joe Haldeman’s engaging novella “A !Tangled Web”:

“I die. O my hair falls out and my flesh rots and my bones are cracked by the hungry ta!a’an. He drops me behind him all around the forest and nothing will grow where his excrement from my marrow falls. As the years pass the forest dies from the poison of my remains. The soil washes into the sea and poisons the fish and all die. O the embarrassment.”

“I die. I breathe in and breathe in and cannot exhale. I explode all over my friends. They forget my name and pretend it is dung. They wash off in the square and the well becomes polluted. All die. O the embarrassment.”

“I die. I, uh, have a terrible fever in my head and it gets hotter and hotter and hotter until my head is a fire, a forge, a star. I set the world on fire and everybody dies. O the embarrassment.”

The novella appears in Haldeman’s 1985 anthology Dealing in Futures.


27 times?
That man is a monster.




Was it a bento box? Did you leave work three minutes early to get it? If so, I demand an apology for your lunch!

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Shit, I’ve apologized a dozen times today - it’s a Canadian thing, eh?


I’m leaving 3 minutes early right now.



I look forward to the opportunity to use all the methods of apology demonstrated in the video when I visit Japan for the first time later this year.


“27 times?
That man is a monster.”

Bento Monsters!


Apology Bows, new band name, I call dibs.

But do the math, that’s more than an hour of time, sitting at a desk doing nothing, lost!

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Is that what you learned from Pearl Harbor?

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