Japanese overdesign fetish: Beetle 3-Way Highlighter


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Nice trick.

Thought: put three such markers with different colors to one pack, and be able to mark with three colors, and three styles from each color.

I think if the tips get offset to a side a little they would not be getting in each other’s way.


Okay, but which Microman does it transform into.

In the 80’s everyone said we should start learning Japanese. Now I guess we need should start highlighting it too?


Let’s combine it with this and create the last marker you will ever need:


I think the Beatles having a threeway just really highlights how little love Ringo gets.

c’mon that was great, bring the faves.


Nice but has three caps. If all tips are on the same end, you have only one cap to manage and lose.

If we’d go for the Japanese grade of overengineering, the cap itself could be integrated into the marker - push and twist (or so) to expose the tips, without removing anything prone to be lost. Or twist via a spiral mechanism, like when putting out a lipstick, with a spring-loaded lid.

I hate losing the caps.


That “highlighting around the text” style seems like it would be a pain to implement for multiple font heights. Does Japan only use one font height?


Rotate the pen. The distance between the lines is then multiplied by the cosine of the rotation angle.


Which you can get for free, at every tech trade show ever.


Also German (Rotring)


Yes, I know. Even when I searched for the image, all results were from companies selling giveaways. (That one is for a pharmacy.)


It looks like a little chicken. Or possibly a sex toy.


Yep, that’s a sex toy.


Already saw this a few years ago.


Or perhaps a sexy chicken.


Which will work for smaller fonts, but not bigger.


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