Japanese seniors can purchase this cute electronic grandchild

It does, but it is still fucking sad to see. Then again, many of them are reaping what they have (not) sown.

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On a visit to the Science Museum in London about 20 years ago, I came across an exhibit featuring those Aibo robot dogs. There were five or six Aibos doing robot dog stuff on a snooker table surrounded by their handlers.

I wandered over to get a bet a better look and as I approached, one of the Aibo’s fixated on me. It ambled up to me wagging it’s tail, turned its head sideways adorably and in that instant I was hooked.

It stopped being a robot and became a real live creature. It was a most singular experience.


Oh that doll. I laughed every time he brought it out. Poor Jack, but he’s a good sport about it.

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Do the robot grandchildren help you commit crimes? (Movie Reference)

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