Japan's top anime producer arrested on child pornography charges

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Sometimes it takes a while for it to hit the feed. So like, wait man.


The idea to immediately admit to what he did is weird, but a I guess it makes sense. They seem to try and normalize the behavior to gain acceptance in the behavior.

Charge him for all of the girls’ pics please. Normalize that.


This is Japan. People are treated with lenience if they immediately confess here. By cooperating, he’s bought himself a slap on the wrist.


Well that’s a shame. What is lenient? In America he would be looking at anywhere between 4-15 years in prison per offense, but the prosecution usually focuses on one that they feel they have the best chance to get a conviction with.


I am afraid to say that he will almost certainly get off with a fine and probation, no time served.


Obviously it’s not as bad as what he’s been arrested for, but Makoto Shinkai wanted to have a lesbian relationship as Suzume’s romantic arc as he was getting bored of always writing hetero ones- but he said his producer convinced him that the fans would be upset is he changed his formula now. So we can add homophobe to the list.

(as it happens, Suzume herself still comes off as queer in the finished movie, especially in the first half. Shinkai came up with the contrivance of turning the male romantic lead into an ambulatory chair early in the movie so he could at least have the relationship be different to his norm)


The likely end result will be him being blacklisted from the animation industry in much a similar way the creator of Rurouni Kenshin was who was also busted for CP in 2017. But we’ll see how things play out


As someone with a very public criminal record, he’ll struggle to find work in any industry in Japan.

By the way, the author of Rurouni Kenshin got off with a fine of just 200,000 yen…

I love Japan, but one thing I really hate is that the justice system is a joke when it comes to sex crimes. Child pornography was only made illegal to own this century…


And since then there have been additional adaptations of his works. Is it safe to say that he’s more than “recovered” from paying that fine? I don’t know if he receives anything from his work anymore, but it’s likely he hasn’t been cut off.

Can you give any insight as to why it has taken so long?

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When a single political party is in power for half a century, things that they prioritize get done, and things that they don’t prioritize don’t get done. It took a lot of international pressure in the 90s to get the government to criminalize even the production of child pornography.

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