Jared Kushner uses WhatsApp to talk with foreign leaders, claims Cummings


And then you call for her arrest by blurting out: “Bhengazi!”, “Crooked Hillary!” and “Nasty Woman!” in some random order and try to lead the crowd in a rousing chant of “Lock her up!” If that doesn’t work, insult someone or group else that will draw attention as a distraction technique…

How does this keep working?


I dunno. Something to do with “Kool Aid” apparently.


Is it actually true that they’re guilty of literally everything they accuse their opponents of?


Will report back if we ever find something where this doesn’t hold true :joy:


Jared’s not a Clinton.
Jared’s not a Democrat.
It’s not a private server.
So what’s the problem exactly?

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Ivanka knows the best cyber!


Unfortunately in this horrid reality we live in, nobody will do more than bat an eye and make some comments. We’re mired in the muck below “the swamp” and this crap has become so commonplace that nobody gets a reaction any longer than a sneeze. One man and his kriminal klown klan’s actions have forever damaged whatever was left of America.

My hope, now, is on the future of what the newer politicians are offering and that they can withstand the true ugly face of America that has crawled out from behind the nation’s walls.


I suppose the thing that is mildly surprising to me is that using WhatsApp requires the other person to use it as well, otherwise it’s just a plain text message. And Jared doesn’t seem like the sort of person who would notice the difference.


Pretty much. Which, given the Pizzagate nonsense on one hand, and Jeffrey Epstein’s actions on the other, gives me a sickening sinking feeling.


Nobody seems to be recognizing all of the time and money it will take to undo the damage from this administration. Best jobs president ever!

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At least we get to look forward to the 893,519th rehashing of Clinton’s emails, an issue which will only serve to motivate an solidify Trump’s base by framing everything in the same terms as 2016. So that’s nice.


If I understand the “Patriot Act” at all, I think this means that law enforcement can request data on those communications, with no notice to the people involved.



Except it was Bush that was first.

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Do a remake with the leading Democrats? Wazzapp!

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