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Politico has a nice little report how Sean Spicer is trying to get rid of leaks.

It is spreading since about 15 hours through national and international media, and mostly reported as ‘Spicer searches phones of his staff for evidence of leaks’, but some news outlets also stress that they are trying to get rid of Signal, Confide and other “encrypted messenging apps” which delete messages.

Seems Spicer doesn’t mention Snapchat, Threema, Telegram, WhatsApp and other apps, but took Confide (Google Play: 100k-500k installations) and Signal (1-5 Mio installallations) as example. Fun for cranks to conjure new conspiracy theories guaranteed!


This the same guy that stammers constantly during press events?

Why the fuck does Trump have him as the public face when he looks like he’s constantly about to shit himself in terror at being there?


Remember just talking to people?


Thanks for letting me know about these! I feel like I will need them for the next few years.


Right? Wanna bet theres a lot of bars and coffee shops that are very busy? LOL


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