Java is still the cornerstone of coding and this training can help get you started coding today

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Folks, Java has leveled off or even been losing steam for a bit now. What’s hot is JavaScript (and no, it is not anything like Java and why they called it that is unfathomable, but it’s a done deal) and Python. Since everyone and their uncle are learning these popular languages, an interesting choice would be to specialize in Fortran or Cobol. A number of businesses still use both and there is NO ONE, pretty much, who can maintain their aging machines. Pretty much guaranteed a job. And remember that our nuclear arsenal was held together by machines that ran 8" floppies (you know, back when they actually were ‘floppy’). And some of it may still be, tho I think they are trying to upgrade. Possibly to Windows 98.


Is this about getting a job, or learning to program?

I have no idea how common java is, so don’t know if it’s a good career path.

But I’ve never seen java promoted as a language to learn programming.

Hence I doubt it’s the “cornerstone of coding”.


If you know how to search the web, then there is no need to pay anyone to learn how to program.

I code for the JVM quite often, but I never code Java. Instead I use Clojure, something far more elegant and civilized, which I can also use to code for Javascript runtimes!

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Java is commonly used in intro-programming classes at universities. My daughter took such a class at Oregon State University on her way to an engineering degree.

Java is the fundamental language used to program Android applications, but Google is trying to replace it with Kotlin.

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I still code Fortran (F95 or later) when I need speed, speed, speed. I have multiple calculations that reduce to sparse matrix-vector multiplications and factorization and F90, although verbose and picky, lets me tell a compiler everything it needs to know. Also, few languages have a native multi-dimensional array syntax that allows for arbitrary array boundaries. My array can run from [-10,10] if I like.

It’s a niche, but still one that I use.


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