Javascript is the most popular language at Github


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I feel a little sorry for Perl, but not that much.


Interesting, but popular isn’t the same as fit for purpose. I’d love to know what the code is for.


All those precious little icons! If I was one of the digerati, I would know what they all represent! (I would also not use the word digerati.)

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Knock yourself outâś“&q=language%3AJavaScript&type=Repositories&ref=advsearch&l=JavaScript

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It’s the second to last one that get’s me. What is that, a beaker? Otherwise:

javascript, java, ruby, css, python, php, C, C++, C#, shell script, objective C, GO, perl, ???, R (a language for statistics)

Javascript? Filthy casuals.

Real programmers flip dipswitches with a toothpick held between their teeth.


The flask is something called Puppet according to this:

The author of that article echoes my sentiment of “Pup-huh?”.

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Where’s the source link?


It would appear to be

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Dipswitches? Where I come from we have to wire-wrap our programs!

ACKSHUALLY I contribute to the Javascript stats – by use NodeJs. I do some front-end work (not design - have you seen my website?!?) and spend a lot of time in Javascript as a result. Being able to use javascript from the command-line for pushing files around, processing text, images, etc is great – no context switching.

Is NodeJs slower than Perl, or some compiled language? who cares – without have to switch my brain’s context around multiple times in a session, and on a modern processor, I save time. Heck, I could probably use LOGO on a modern processer and save time.


Javascript is a very powerful language, pretty awful from a maintenance point of view though, Typescript makes it usable - and nice to see everyone working together to get all that good stuff into the next versions of the language.

Not really surprising. What percentage of github repos are web applications? No matter the backend (php, RoR, j2ee) you’ll serve up some html, and that means javascript. Plus we are seeing the rise of the javascript single page application with frameworks like ember, angular, backbone, react/flux.

Personally, I <3 node myself. Fast, and if you understand how it really works, it is great. So I contribute on both ends. Javascript is rad.


Full-stack javascript FTW


Yeah, but it’s popular the way Becky is popular. Nobody actually likes her.


According to The Simpsons, FORTRAN is “the greatest of the programming languages”.

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What is Puppet?

A configuration management tool, evidently. (It was news to me too.)

Considering that it was the first programming language and still sees a fair bit use in the scientific community, The Simpsons may be right. (That might mean that COBOL is a close second, though, which is a scary thought…)

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Why feel sorry for Perl just because it’s not well represented on a graph about GitHub usage?

Without knowing the methodology behind these charts it’s hard to even know if they are just pretty graphs or meaningful pretty graphs. The one in the story is missing it’s label but on the original site it’s “Active Repositories”, but this doesn’t tell us if the JavaScript line means “active repositories with at least one JavaScript file” or “active repositories with more JavaScript than any other languages” or even “active repositories that are more than half JavaScript”. This leaves us with the question, does every web app on GitHub count to JavaScript even if they are written mostly in some other language?

Amateurs all…


Javascript’s interesting since there is both server-side JavaScript and client-side JavaScript, which often perform very different tasks. Those tasks which are performed in both client side and server side JavaScript may be implemented in very different ways, especially considering that server-side JavaScript is still pretty new (it doesn’t help that for a while, the dominant paradigm of server-side JavaScript programming resembled win32 programming right out of the 90s… single thread, callback functions, etc).