Jayne Mansfield: Viral Warrior

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Is it really necessary to have a full paragraph devoted to her physique in an article about her charity work for March of Dimes?


A worthy cause. nods somberly


I remember how prevalent the March of Dimes was even in the 1970s, with the little cardboard placards you could insert your dimes into. We had a family friend at our church who suffered polio as a child, and explained to me how serious the illness was, and how her leg brace worked.


I watched Promises, Promises once, which had in it both Ms. Mansfield and Mickey Hargitay, who were the parents of Mariska Hargitay of TV’s Law & Order: SVU. Not to be confused with Bacharach’s Promises, Promises, a treatment of Neil Simon’s The Apartment. Notwithstanding Ms. Manfield’s charity work and other assets, I preferred Bacharach’s, which starred Jerry Orbach on Broadway—who was later on Law & Order: Vanilla edition. Coincidence?


Probably. It is what she is famous for. And she flaunted her boobs at every opportunity, with a public Jayne versus Jane rivalry with Jane Russell.

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Agreed. Her boobs were her “brand”.

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