Jeff Bezos is going to space next month

will he be bringing back any Martian watermelon? I’d like to place an Amazon Prime order for one. 2 day delivery, free shipping!



Oh no. I was hoping he’d go and take as many billionaires as possible with him to Musks Gulch.


I was kinda assuming he just finally decided to return to his home planet.

Well, that’s insulting to Dr. Frankenfurter…


Wow, speaking of orbit I hadn’t seen this Tweet from Musk directed at Blue Origin when SpaceX beat them out for the NASA contract. I’m no fan of Musk but you’ve got to admit this is a pretty epic burn, especially given the shape of Bezos’ (non-orbital) rocket:

An article in The Atlantic reports that Bezos was absolutely livid.

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I mean, it’s fair to say I would like Musk a lot more if he decided to stick to punching up…and I guess right now Bezos is pretty much the only target for that.

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