Jeff Sessions wants to bring back long mandatory prison sentences for minor drug offenses


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Don’t worry, I’m sure he only means for black people.


So this is a good time to invest in companies running private prisons?



Jeff Sessions probably beat you to it.



Bingo. Someone has to look out for the for-profit incarceration industry, and who better than a greedy and puritanical old white racist?


Again, thanks everyone in gerrymandered districts who cast their ballot for 45. When Junior has his future erased because a demon weed seed was found after he’s pulled over for failing to signal a turn, and he doesn’t know enough to refuse the illegal search, you’ll only have yourselves to cry “victim” to.



Whats wrong with swing music?


The nation’s long nightmare continues.


Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III thought the KKK was OK - until he found out that they smoked pot. Or so he says.


Ahahaha, it will never happen. Junior’s white!


Absolutely nothing, that’s what:


Speaking of the KGB hijacking the U.S. election, MARIJUANA!!!


This is an Ashford and Simpson song and not swing, but what the hell, I like it anyway:


If Junior’s parents are poor, his pink skin isn’t going to save him.


…“and dancing with the colored folk”…I know a few bro’s down in East Oakland that could show this racist dingle-hopper a dance or two.


It will, to an extent. The cop who pulls him over doesn’t know if there’s a lawyer or a cop somewhere in the kid’s family. Just because the kid’s poor doesn’t mean his whole family’s poor.

Meanwhile, black people get pulled over driving nice cars, and the cops don’t believe that they actually own the cars.


Roger That! Used to live on 94th and International…