Canada Pension Plan is long on US private prisons and immigrant detention centers

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Oh Canada?



Actuaries are a pretty amoral bunch when it comes to maximizing rate of return while minimizing risk, especially for pensioners. My takeaway from this is that the financial wizards managing CPP have figured that right now, a safe growth investment is US private prisons rather than, you know, banks, real estate or just about any other shit. What does that say about where they think the economy as a whole is going to be in, like, 6 months?


Hmm. For CoreCivic, 73,700 shares with a quarterly 2018 dividend of $0.43, that’s what, $1.72 per share, so that position returns $126,764.00/yr.

CPP max annual bennies at age 65 is $13,610.04, so that investment covers, what, 9.3 people?
OH WAIT, shit- sorry, Canadian dollars- so adjusted benefit is $10,450.09 US, uh… OK, let’s see…

Twelve people a year. Is that right?

Thanks. I’m outraged.


If the USA is going to burn itself to the ground, then you can hardly expect other countries not to warm themsevles on its embers.


it’s blood money


As someone who will be hopefully be drawing from that plan in the future and thus pays into it now, I am.

Private prisons are rife with human rights and judicial abuse. I am fundamentally opposed to their very existence, and I think that the majority of Canadians – if they were aware of the details – would agree that it’s not a reflection of our fundamental values.


American private prisons? Seems like a wise investment. It’s a growing industry. And with its newfound funds and lobbying power, we can start talking about emerging markets like Canada.

Don’t worry, every other jail cell will be a Tim Horton’s.

I’m shocked, shocked that the Canadians are letting the Americans take the heat for shady act activities that benefit both parties.

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Currently, the main duty of the folks running the pension fund is to do their best to keep the fund solvent, if not growing, regardless of where the money comes from. This is what I find terrifying. It’s outrageous that our pension is growing on the back of these reprehensible corporations, but I find it really, really scary that a bunch of folks who are trained to look at these things in a vacuum, outside of emotion, morality or personal preference, think that these shitty private prison LLCs are among the best bets to keep our pension funds solvent. I feel queasy if I think too hard about it. I’m feeling queasy now.



Not only would I prefer to take the hit financially, but the implications of these investments being a sound financial choice is sickening.


I kind of feel like if somebody has to benefit from the stupidity, rapaciousness, greed, and inhumanity of America, it should be Canada, and not other Americans.


To be honest, if I was going to invest in US business I would invest in nothing but prisons. Also those narco gangs sound promising. People interested in morals shouldn’t be investing in anything, ever. The very concept of interest is amoral, ref: jesus, money lenders.

These would be the same people who thought CMOs had no risk, right? I wouldn’t assume the pension fund managers have great insight into what is really going to be a growth area.

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