Private prison contractor's $1B no-bid deal to run immigration jails guarantees 100% occupancy payouts


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First they steal all our jobs, and now they’re stealing our prison cells!


How can a $1B no-bid full fee federal contract even get through our system of checks and balances? Unless our checks and balances are… ((flips back to 2001 and the Iraq war)) Oh, I see. Business as usual. But seriously, this is more than messed up.


I suppose that’s one way to ensure that they don’t have a reason to overcrowd. Legislation would be cheaper.


Not necessarily…I was thinking the same thing: “Silver lining! they’ve removed the incentive to push for cell-stuffing laws” except that I’m sure they paid legislators (or whomever) a pretty penny in lobbying to get these sweetheart deals. Which means that outbidding them in order to not have cell-stuffer laws could prove to be pretty expensive for some kind of social justice org trying to buy the same kind of influence, and acting against them would be impossible for a well-meaning but impotent (in the “power to make positive change” sense…) legislator, so guaranteed income seemed like the only way to avoid being pressured to stuff those cells.


And our Glorious Free Marketeers are oddly silent as this definitely-free-market-in-action deal is done. Too busy saving us from socialism to worry about crony capitalism, apparently…


Or, contrariwise, a reason for ICE to be indiscriminate and sloppy in who they send to the centers.


Land of the free!


You say that like it doesn’t mean the taxpayer will be getting the best possible return on every incarceration dollar spent…


It sure would be a shame if a cruise missile were to obliterate the headquarters of Corrections Corporation of America. But hey, why not let them amass as many enemies among the people as they like…


Kinda old news. The corrupt state contracts to private prisons were what prompted the unconstitutional Arizona “immigration law”. The whole idea of privatized prisons is so far beyond the pale of appropriate I can’t even begin to know where to start.


Since crony capitalism is kinda redundant, I don’t see why the Glorious Free Marketeers would even want to save us from it…


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