Jeffrey Epstein's efforts to silence press included a bullet on a reporter's doorstep, cat's severed head

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Thank you, Xeni, for not leading off with yet another picture of Epstein’s ugly, self-assured face. Let him rot, forgotten, in whatever hell he chose to believe in.


I could not believe that a formidable network like ABC had backed down and given in."

Oh brother, you ain’t seen nothing yet.


The editor had found another intrusion, this time in the front yard of his Connecticut home: the severed head of a dead cat.

So I assume it wasn’t his cat, then? I wonder if it was done under the belief that it was? (I.e. it was a neighbor’s cat, killed by mistake.) As a random animal it might work best as a warning, though - if someone killed my pet, I’d be doing what I could to nail them, not give in.

It’s amazing the ability of the super-wealthy to intimidate and silence with impunity, using both legal and extralegal methods. (And that double-whammy, using both threats of a lawyer and implied death threats at the same time.)


How Media Fell Short On Epstein

Sexual predator of children turns out to have a violent intimidatory character is not news.

As horrible as he undoubtedly was, it is the mechanisms which prevented him and others being exposed that are perhaps the significant part of the story.


This was exactly the problem with the BBC and Jimmy Saville. Many chances over decades to respond properly and instead… nothing.


Not so sure. Unlike many mass killers- he wanted his actions covered up and was already famous.

Having his crimes publicly associated with him forever seems right in this case - and maybe respects his victims who had to deal with him silencing them while his public persona was burnished in the media.

Nope Jeffy - this is what you are - this is how you’re going to be remembered. Not as that guy who hung out with scientists- as a manipulative rapist of children.


Christ, what assholes.


I’ve seen other accounts of men who worked for Epstein attempting to intimidate parents and other witnesses.

This desperately needs to be investigated.


Of course “The Godfather Effect” is in full force.
Kill dozens of people violently on screen and it isn’t that too memorable. Decapitate one horse and it is iconic!

Still glad he is dead. Would have liked him to live long enough to testify against his clients and enablers.

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Not just the mechanisms in a broad sense, but the specific asssistants. I’m reasonably sure that even the child raping billionaire doesn’t deliver his own bullets and severed cat heads. Someone was employed for that purpose and they deserve their own spotlight.

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Big yep!! Oh, the days when smirking news reporters buried the real news and acted as shields for the rich and the powerful… especially presidents.

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