Royal scandals, UFOs and Jeffrey Epstein’s "murder" in this week’s dubious tabloids

Originally published at: Royal scandals, UFOs and Jeffrey Epstein's "murder" in this week's dubious tabloids | Boing Boing

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You know they mix (elements of) real stories in with Batboy to discredit those stories, right? These tabloid owners do have political ties and motives beyond just selling papers by throwing nonsense at the wall.

I mention this because it’s clearly working. I’m hardly a conspiracy theorist, but are we really sneering at the possibility that Jeffrey Epstein was murdered?

I think it’s pretty clear at this point Epstein offed himself and wasn’t murdered. Everyone who was crowing about how he was murdered were like, “Now watch, they’ll do Maxwell” too and … she’s not dead? She’s very much alive? None of the evidence was destroyed?

The “they” in this did it backwards if they murdered Epstein but left Maxwell alive. They killed the one who was raping the teenagers, but not the one maintaining the schedule/calendar/logistics.

Did “everybody” who said one thing really say the rest of all that? Look, I don’t spend a lot of my time thinking about Jeffrey Epstein, specifically. It’s the broader tactic I find interesting.

Do you remember when most people were sneering at the idea of powerful, famous faces belonging to a secret Washington/Hollywood pedophile ring? I was. Lot of people jumped from “that’s a joke, look at the other crazy shit they believe - that pizza restaurant didn’t even have a basement” to “oh, the secret elite pedophile ring, sure, we know about that”.

I’m just of the opinion that these rags are more than they appear (that’s not really controversial after the Trump stories a few years back), and we should guard against being manipulated into declaring a specific idea discredited just because somebody lumped it in with some nonsense.

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