Jeopardy! video clues are getting harder


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Agreed. The flabogliven is ridiculously overpriced.

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WTF? Cocaine? ––– somehow I feel like I’m missing something here.


I came for an answer too… so far noone has smugly explained it.

Given the other things that Hawk Martha has posted recently, I’m pretty confident that the answer with the question “What is cocaine?” did not have that (or perhaps any) video clue on the original show.

This was pretty dumb, but not the waste of resources that Artoo in Love was.


Here’s the Jeopardy game the answer and question portion of the clip were sourced from: The video itself appears to be just absurdity.

I think this is a creative joke edit. The original question was:

Tricaine methanesulfonate is anesthesia given in water for fish pre-surgery; it’s closely related to this drug from a South American plant, but in more ways than one, the fish won’t get hooked

You can read the rest here: (Far Right Column, third spot down) - Click on the number 22 in the corner of the square to read it.

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