I was a Jeopardy! clue


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Check out the J! Archive in a couple of days.


Cory, you’ve arrived. You and “Joust”.


Misread the copy, I thought the category was “Hipsters Who Write.”


Jeopardy is really going way off the rails with its gimmick. None of the correct “questions” are even remotely “answered” by the clues.

I mean in what twisted dysfunctioning brain is that considered an answer to “What is Disney World?”

I want to get on Jeopardy just to see how they’d react to “What was Abraham Lincoln” or “Who is the War of 1812.” They’re properly formed and just as valid under their silly rule, right?


Congratulations, Cory! I thinks that’s fantastic!!!


I was watching. this is one I didn’t answer because I can never keep it straight which one is Disneyland/Disneyworld/CA/FL. (I, uh… haven’t read your book)

Just to put it out there, this was no ordinary game; this was the final game of the college tournament of champions. it was a Big Deal.


                "In the future everyone will get a turn at being a Jeopardy answer."


Awesome!! Congrats!


Awesome, man. I’d be proud too if it were me!


Next up for Cory is a Monopoly playing piece!


Who is Tony Orlando! And grammatically speaking that should be ‘park virtually.’


A pair of goggles?


And J. Elvis Weinstein! https://twitter.com/JElvisWeinstein


So was I, years ago, but you don’t hear me bragging about it.


So, the next time a heckler claims you haven’t got a clue…


I may be the only one who ever got his own name wrong on final Jeopardy. The correct response was “The Seagull,” (the Chekov play). I had enough of a lead to win anyway, but Trebek ragged me about it on the next show.


The fifth was Connie Blackout Willis.


That was my first thought… “oh, that one’s easy… um… wait…”

Of course, on another recent clue in the tournament, no one apparently dared to guess what “FTL” stands for, even with the context of jumping “from star to star” and “hyperspace drive”.


This has always pissed me off about Jeopardy, an otherwise entertaining show. The “question as an answer” is a pointless gimmick. Always has been.

Did you ever want to play questions?