Enjoy this video of the fabulously weird snake-necked turtle


Er, is there supposed to be a vid linked here…? Coz I don’t see it…

Methinks the author has already bought a Walmart bong…

You click on the video on the page and it plays. Perhaps you have been smoking.

What video? Falcor, if I could see a video, I’d not have made the comment. Please refrain from treating me like an imbecile.

The video is on the post. If you can’t see it, try changing browsers. I can see it in safari, chrome and firefox.

I don’t get the bong reference. Are we just bundling random Latin American countries, and references thereto, together now?

Click the link:

No, there is supposed to be a link to Boing Boing, where there is a vid.

And look, there is!

we are very patient today. :slight_smile:

Well, it makes a change from a big white rectangle with a non-functional play button in the middle, which is what usually seems to appear on the discussion topics for posts featuring videos.

At some point the difference between a bug and a design choice will be clearer to you.

Click over to the mothership for the content. This place is for discussions. I’m not an insider, just observant.

I know. But how is Walmart in Mexico related to a zoo in Costa Rica? You know, other than them being in Latin America? Maybe we should add a flight from one of the places in the US where marijuana is legal?

Some people in the US may drive to Costa Rica via Mexico. The joke is for them.

It’s almost as funny as jokes that treat “Africa” as a monolith.

And if the joke is for those who drive to Costa Rica, it doesn’t make much sense for the joke to talk about “catch[ing] a flight.”

It’s turtles all the way down!

(as a diver, covered with nips and bites, commented after surfacing.)

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Not working in mobile chrome, and I’ve watched other videos today.

In a VW microbus with a rebuilt GoWesty engine.

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