Snoop Dogg narrates baby iguana's narrow escape from hungry snakes


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Oh well, I suppose it’s good that he’s still getting work.


I’ve seen the video before but Snoop makes it so much more awesome.

I’d like to see Snoop narrate videos of the Sessions testimony. They could take out all the audio and replace it with Snoop’s translations of what he said.


“I am not a racist.” Wait, that’s his last time in front of congress. This one was “I do not recall.”


Here’s a transcript:


Good ol boy Jeff Secessions - that is one nasty ‘Lawful’ Evil Drow Elf
I’d love for Snoop to just follow him around blowing huge clouds of smoke and ‘translating’ everything that racist MF says

I can totally believe him saying he thought he KKK was alright until he heard they smoke the Mary Jane!
horrors! summon my fainting couch immediately! The nice Russian one, it is stuffed with money and mb the remains of a few dead reporters and anonymous bloggers, da?


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