Some real hip-hop sh!t from Snoop Dogg

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Some hip-hop artists talk a big game but don’t have any real-life experience hanging out with felons.

Not so for Snoop.


Um, ok but I got these two ding dongs hanging out.


Yo dog, there’s money in that kinda partnering.


I never heard Benny the Butcher before but his verse was aiight. Jadakiss was nice, as per usual. Snoop phoned in a hook, kinda strange it’s his song without doing a verse, that’s lazy; but the final verse has got to be the most awful piece of garbage I’ve ever heard come out of Busta Rhymes’ mouth.

mostly just weird hearing Snoop on such a heavily East-coast-sounding track.


Are you sure that’s the way you want to phrase that? Imma need brain bleach now.

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And he commented on it, too:


That is a fucking fantastic ad.


“I did for my city what Michael Vick did for Atlanta”?


(And to be fair, I’m a big believer in Vick’s redemption story in Philly. He took the opportunity given to him after his jail sentence and became such an advocate for animal rights that a local shelter in Philly allowed him to adopt a dog. I’m a big fan of the man.

(But celebrating what he did in Atlanta? No.)

Page one: “Actor from Beasts of the Southern Wild dead as a result of gun violence.” Page two: “Check this Snoop Dog vid glorifying gun violence–it’s the shizzle.”

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