Snoop Dogg gets a star on Hollywood Walk of Fame


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Next to Lincoln Perry’s, I take it.


Him doing a cooking show with his close friend Martha Stewart, well, let’s just say I would potentially submit this as evidence in the other thread that we are living in a simulation, and the programmer has a pretty decent sense of humor. :wink:


Nothing says gangsta like having a convicted felon as your co-host.


Didn’t have a good shot of his star and I’ve never walked the Walk of Fame so I’m clueless here. Is that a joint in the center? I’m guessing it’s supposed to be the arm of record player but I really hope it’s a twisted fatty!


I often lay awake at night wondering when fame will find me.


These moments will be lost, in time, like Leroy from Fame.


Martha Stewart has done more time than 95% of “gangsta” rappers.


Even with the complete list of middle names, most aren’t going to catch that one.


Fo shizzle, my nizzle.


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