Martha Stewart and Snoop Dog launch a TV show where they eat, drink, and hang out


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…and get high.


Rachel Ray, your move.


For those scratching their heads: Martha and Snoop go way back.


Shouldn’t that be “Martha’s and Snoop’s Dinner Party,” or is Martha just a guest and it’s really Snoop’s party?


I love unlikely friendships.


Add Cookie Monster and I’m sold. (1/2) (2/2 worth it)


I guess I’m old. But that clip was painful. I’d rather see snoop host more nature clips


I suspect the, ummm, “pre-gaming” on this set will become the stuff of legend.


I think Shante just was sick of Calvin eating her out of house and home… This really was the only solution.


Totally gangsta.


Fuck. Yeah.


Can you imagine going back in time 20 years or so, and showing your past self proof that in 2016, this would be a thing?


Oh my…


No, Martha would not just “toke up”. She’s find a cookie recipe that matched well with the flavor of the weed, though she could very well knit bong cozies for her friends who do still consume it that way.


Home-made gin
and fresh-squeezed juice.


Okay… I might watch that.

Also, I’m reminded again that I have never owned a stand mixer. And they have two. Damn them and their culinary opulence.


I’ll just file this under ‘weird but awesome…’


Maybe he’s the bigger draw financially. She’s very popular, but her following is older and I think advertising puts a huge premium on youth.


But look at how well it worked for Bing Crosby and Bowie!