Snoop Dogg now slangin dope

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Everybody’s getting in the game.


Whatever happened to his collaboration with Nancy from Weeds on MILF Weed?


Now? Oh, you mean legally. :joy:

He’s aways been a purveyor of dope slang.


I didn’t know the term “slangin” and was horrified that Snoop was saying bad stuff about weed!!!

But everything is as expected. Carry on.

it’s all hand-picked by yours truly so you know it’s the hottest product out there

Sure, because I can always think back to my first-hand knowledge of Snoop’s exquisite tastes. How much this says!

That’s the worst attempt at blowing a smoke ring I have ever seen. It’s coming out sideways, FFS!

I wonder how much the celebrity markup is?

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leafs? what a horrible horrible name…that’s like calling your weed business stems or shake.

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