Video of narco hitmen caravan in Mexico goes viral


“The cameraman then approaches one of the men in the back of a pickup truck, who then poses for a photo with a machine gun.”

Not a machine gun. It is a .50 cal Barrett. Not sure if it is the semi-auto or bolt action. Still, very big. IIRC the ATFs “Fast and Furious” debacle sent a few of those south. The other rifles may or may not be full auto.

Also was the camera on LSD?

And seriously, if I was the Mexican Gov. I think at this point I would be like, fuck it, drug manufacturing is legal, and tax it.


So, now imagine you’re in Iraq and those hitmen work for Blackwater, eh.


It looked like the entire video was color-inverted. Hard to imagine why that would happen.

And here I was, thinking that the reason it went viral is because it’s not every day you see a group of smurfs armed that heavily.

(and I was trying to figure out whether or not my computer really needed a reboot)


Why would assassins be going to a battle against rival assassins? How does that work? Do they all stand around and try and sneak up on each other to kill them?


Artsy filter feature on their video camera/phone?

Maybe they wanted to pin the violence on the Smurfs.

Rogue Troopers?


I’m thinking the red channel of the camera somehow got knocked out, leaving only the blue and the green.

The sky was red/orange.

Are you blind? They were very clearly gold and white.


No, just smurfs

In before a Holder apologist tries to claim that Fast and Furious was a Bush operation.

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One of the road signs points the way to Creel, which is (or was) a popular jumping-off point for tourists visiting the Sierra Tarahumara. I’d be curious to know if that area still sees much tourist traffic, or if the narco violence has killed the tourist trade dead.

One reason that it might not have is explained by Richard Grant, in his book “God’s Middle Finger”: the narcos, interested in diversifying their portfolio, have invested heavily in tourism, and they are quite ferocious when it comes to protecting their bottom line. Grant claims that a group of freelance gunmen who killed a Swiss tourist aboard the Chihuahua al Pacifico in 1998 were hunted down and gruesomely murdered (very, very gruesomely murdered) on the orders of a narco boss who was concerned that the killing might discourage tourists from visiting.

I was in Batopilas in December 2002, and – to judge by the extended feu de joie with which the locals welcomed in the New Year – there was already a lot of weaponry (both automatic and semi-automatic) in the area. Despite that, the message – “Don’t hassle the tourists” – had apparently been received, and we were able to wander all over the area without ever being or feeling threatened.


I thought they were over-armed… are you saying they’re overexposed, too?

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Is it just me or has BB gone wild with the use of animated GIFs on the front page? It finally got to me today, and I ended up adding a Chrome extension that blocks the animation. MUCH better.

Gotta love those extensions – you can usually find something that takes care of annoying “features” that someone thought was cool but isn’t.

Why legalize or tax it if you can motorcade your mini army thru such a beautiful scenary with total impunity?
You are the law, man!

The gifs show up in the BBS while the videos can only be played on the post.

Not if a neighboring country has anything to say about it. :wink:


Yeah probably. But I’d be like, pft, it’s your problem now. Build a wall or something. Or do the same thing.