Homebrew tanks of the Mexican vigilante movement


I like the vigilantes models more, but this sprang to mind.

Using a truck as a base = better.


Getting a definite A-Team vibe here :slight_smile:


Those aren’t tanks, ftw.


Is this a viral promo for Mad Max 4: Fury Road?


No, it’s the reboot of Max Loco en: El Guerrero de la Camino



I would say regular cars are underpowered for the job. Even pro-grade armored car conversions typically have to boost the engine and brakes to cope with the added weight.

The image shown is the famous Killdozer. A homemade conversion of a bulldozer, with added composite armour, in this case from layers of steel and concrete. No viewports open, the driver used cameras behind thick glass/acrylic blocks (and compressed air to clean off the dust) to see out. The concrete acts here as a poor-man’s ceramics.

It was comical to watch how the cops with all their guns could only make small dust plumes on the surface of the vehicle.

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I dare say that these Mexicans need more the surplus military equipment given to rural police forces in the US,


Except the USA would never arm foreign nationals to fight its oh-so important war on drugs.

Well, yeah the US already gives millions in aid to Mexico and Columbia and the like for the War on Drugs for all sorts of fancy stuff like Blackhawk helicopters, including advisers for training. As well as allowing guns to pass through to the Cartels via “Fast and Furious”. I guess if a third party vigilante group wants in on the action, they should apply for some grants or something.

The US government giving guns to drug cartels? That can’t be true! We all know that hunters, people with CCW, and sport shooters are to blame for worldwide weapon proliferation. At least that what the UN told us.


Say hello to my little mule: Pepe.


Is anyone else disappointed by the lack of actual homebrew tanks?

I was hoping perhaps the vigilantes had some badass beer rig.


Your weird strawman argument is weird.

No one has blamed worldwide weapon proliferation on gun-lovers in the States. We just blame many of the gun deaths in the States on them. Not that that’s actually relevant to this thread.

(Also, nice way to completely randomly throw in that socialist, gun-hating organization, the U.N. Yeah, they probably drink tea and eat baguettes there too!)


People complain about militarized cops, but these guys couldn’t even stop home made killdozer. :person_with_pouting_face:

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With all their gear, the cops are fundamentally cowards. It’s more about testosterone and self-perception than about actual tactical abilities. On the other hand, when things go wrong, there will be a choice of abandoned police gear available for the takers…

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Here’s video of that, skipped forward to where they show him doing damage to the buildings: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PZbG9i1oGPA&t=3m19s

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Am I the only one that imagines that these are built during a montage while theme music plays?


agreed, not tanks, but? “vigilantes build armored cars” does not sell as many newspapers as “TANKS!!!”

Remember, the business of newspapers, is to sell newspapers.

Accuracy in reporting died in July 2009 with Walter Cronkite - now? sensationalism sells - I’m surprised there are not any nekkid wimmen draped over these armored vehicles, cause sexy news sells better! :frowning:

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Taking note for when I’ll make my own armored personnel carrier.