Cyberarms dealer's weapons used against Mexican soda-tax activists

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I’m a little confused exactly which group you are upset against.

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dude, I have patters, you have patterns, we all have them. Like I’m a noob or something. If someone is threatening to murder or encouraging it that’s me. If someone is being overly sensitive about Israel, well… come on dude.

not that death threats are my only thing, I’m also crass.

/wouldn’t want to be thought of as one dimensional.

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Then you should be familiar enough to know that I dont hide my words behind a veil.

“You son of a whore”

Has a certain ring to it, don’t it.

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“Hij@ de puta” is not uncommon as a Spanish language insult. I think i’ve only ever heard the English equivalent in Firefly.

Edited to remove “una” as i think it tends to be dropped in informal insulting. Also, nota bene, “hija …” is much rarer than “hijo …”.

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Soda’s dominance in that region is probably also linked to the obesity and diabetes epidemic in that region too.

Fun fun fun!


Wouldn’t Coca Cola benefit more from the use of these ‘weapons’ against the tax activists than the government?


And that will benefit those particular members of the government who are on Coca-Cola’s payroll.

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I sucked down like 5-6 bottles of coke a day down there way back when. Man, the '80s were nuts.

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