Dashcam video of semi truck going 85mph on wrong side of highway

Originally published at: Dashcam video of semi truck going 85mph on wrong side of highway | Boing Boing

Variously described as “illegal immigrants going on the wrong side of the highway” (CNN)

Might have to update the media bias chart to move CNN further to the right.


NewsNation, too. From the video transcript:

0:49 Another reminder of the danger law enforcement faces when trying to protect the southern border

1:45 1500 miles away, more evidence that every state is a border state


This is what I noticed straight up.

As for risk, the footage shows civilian drivers were the most at risk during this. The cops do face risk, they they were the only ones on the road with equipment and cars with safety equipment, and they were not facing that truck down on the wrong side of the road.


Just uncritically spouting copaganda


After the Trumpy town hall aired, I blocked cnn.com in my pi-hole. It saves my brain from having to remember why they’re shit.


Those most at risk were the smuggling victims packed inside. I didn’t watch the video but often these trucks have dozens of people packed in, and they are unbelievably dangerous. Two years ago a van packed with roughly 25 victims (they don’t know exactly how many because some of them fled) had 13 deaths in a similar car accident. There have also been cases of dozens of people locked in these and abandoned in the heat.

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No, you didn’t.

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