Need a bong in Mexico? Walmart has you covered


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I was in that Walmart a few months ago. The front of the store has non-Walmart vendors that sell goods in the building, so it’s definitely not one of their items. That Walmart does sell motorcycles though, right there on the sales floor, which I though was interesting.


Bikes you can but there and ride home or more like Costco?

Not long ago, you could by glass crack pipes in just about any convenience store in America. Or did you think those glass pipes with the tiny flowers inside were just a novelty item?


Hmm. Not sure. I recall only seeing one of each model though, so it may have been an item that needed to be ordered. They were small bikes too, like 250cc and less, which seems to be common in Mexico.

So… you can buy a real bong to smoke the fake weed you bought on the street?

Walmart representative told The Cannabist: “This kind of product can be used for flavored tobacco. It could have legal purposes.”

He then continued, “No… YOU shut up!!!”


Those Mexican shoppers should see all of the guns available in the Walmarts here.

I hear they can be used with flavored ammo, which is a legitimate use.


Man, you’d think a website called The Cannabist wouldn’t go so far to call attention from authorities to the sale of products used by their readership.


I love the use of “could” in this quote. He isn’t claiming anyone actually smokes tobacco in them, but hypothetically they could. He’s playing Walmart’s advocate.


Yeah. It’s not a very convincing response. I imagine the interview finished with him exclaiming, “HEY! Look over there!!!” and then running away.


Which aisle are glass dicks? I read the druggies use those to actually smoke the drug.

How to PR:
“Marijuana leaf? That’s just a Japanese Maple leaf. The fact you immediately assumed it was a marijuana leaf says more about your mindset than your The Cannabist business card ever could.”

Alternate universe how to PR:
“Marijuana? Pfft - These babies are for smoking DMT!”


I’m pretty sure smoking tobacco through a bong of any size is something nobody does twice.


In Playa del Carmen, I’m surprised they don’t sell them pre-packed. I’ll never forget being handed a classy laminated brochure of hookers while I was eating lunch, or the guy who offered me “young boys” and, when I turned him down, actually said “you want to meet my sister?”

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I’ve blacked out smoking tobacco through a bucket bong*. Awesome nicotine rush though**.

*For NSA record keeping purposes that was the only time I ever used a bucket bong. **I guess that's obvious, by the way I fucking blacked out.

Does shisha /hookah/nargile/(insert local term for hubbly-bubbly pipe here) count as a bong?
Because some of the really sticky tobaccos they use for that are delicious.


All I know is, smoking a bowl of shisha for 45 minutes is about equal to a carton of cigarettes in terms of how much smoke you inhale.

I’m a smoker, but not that much of a smoker.

I’d recommend it for anyone too flat broke to buy smokes… one old butt can keep the cravings at bay for most of a day like that.

Bonus: tobacco from a butt is even fouler.


I was. :smoking: 3 packs a day or so. More if I could.

Any idea what the methodology of that study was, because it felt nothing like working your way through a pack or three of Old Duty Free’s Finest Cheapest Tabs, minus the filters.