HOWTO equip your drug-dealing operation


Here in Toronto, one can buy almost all of those things at the corner store, along with the eggs and milk. (no beer or wine, though, as that would lead to the immediate collapse of society) I think they all got into the drug paraphernalia biz when the bottom fell out of the porno mag market. Once upon a time it was just zig-zags and airplane glue.

I never thought The Atlantic would be responsible for a “scared grandma” sort of article; it seems more at home in Reader’s Digest. Half of the products listed are actually for buying precious metal jewelry. Yep, even the baggies and the magnet. And everyone knows you use the caffeine to cut bad cocaine.


HOWTO be a drug dealer: Don’t buy your equipment with a credit card from a company obsessed with tracking your purchases.


in the 90s, I had a roommate that would routinely go to Walgreens to buy sandwich bags and baby laxative… and nothing else. add to that, we lived in a conservative region and he was this giant black dude with cornrows and hip hop gear. no fucks given. I was like

While some of you guys may find it unsavory, the intended drug-related use of these items is fully legal in two states and provisionally legal for medical users in many others. Linking these items to a criminal element only serves to stigmatize the legitimate users and uses of these items, narcotics-related or not. This is a pretty shameful piece of soft news.


Thanks for the chuckle!

Guess what when you look at VM&P naphta on amazon
They also show you the other items you might need for making DMT.

what’s the point of these articles? am i supposed to be outraged that people are buying drug making / taking supplies on amazon? people buy everything on amazon.

someone should write an article on how business insider took a reddit thread and turned it into a shitty piece of journalism and then the atlantic took that shitty article and made an even worse one.

There are a small number of corner stores that are licensed to sell alcohol. All in smaller communities. The LCBO calls them Agency Stores.

And those people probably have to buy their bongs and rolling papers from the internet. It’s a funny world.

what? i’m just preparing for an epic day of painting a room, making a batch of mimosa hostilis-scented soap, and basting a turkey, honest.


Another fun one is to look at the other purchases made by people who purchase certain large-sized pressure cookers. You’ll see the usual canning jars as an additional purchase – but also more unusual things like vermiculite, gypsum, organic rye grain, coconut fiber, agar powder, petri dishes, alcohol lamps, dehydrators, etc. – all items used in home grows of hallucinogenic mushrooms.

I think what most people here find unsavoury is that drug dealers are being careless enough to buy from Amazon. As someone who lives where most drugs are still illegal, I look for a certain level of professionalism in my dealers.

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