Here's the Boing Boing Store's monthly best seller list


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Either I’m somehow cookied oddly, or therefore your advertising could do with a tweak. Pretty much all the things I see you pushing are drug paraphernalia, and yet they’re not on your list at all.


They’re pushing them because they’re not selling well. That’s what advertising does.


Well, that’s what badly thought through advertising does. Pours more money into supporting things people don’t have any interest in.
Well focused spending gets results.


Well designed and useful products even more so.


Headphones + weed – two great tastes that…


If you’d buy some of that, then we could sell you some nacho-flavored Doritos.


Better fly to china and open some new factories! :slight_smile:

that AND headphones, which are 2 of the 3 items on this list…


No, I’m outright saying it.


Where is your monthly bestseller list?


I mostly give out my work, honestly.



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