Deluxe Snorting Kit is not for cocaine


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I snorted when I read that.


Wondering if the $262 amazon gift card balance comes from recommending products like this.


late stage capitalism


I think someone stumbled onto a warehouse full of spare parts for a Smell-O-Scope.


It’s meant for handling grief.


Deluxe Snorting Kit is not for cocaine

See also: Lobbyist’s $1000/plate dinner fundraiser for elected official is not a bribe.


I clicked on the link.

Now I’m probably on a list somewhere.


I buy cigarette papers. Not for Refer.


You’ve been on a list since you set sight on BoingBoing!


“Honey, why does Amazon say ‘Vial with Spoon’ is ‘Inspired by Your Browsing History’?”

I dunno if blaming it on Boing Boing is gonna work…




Yeah, @beschizza should totally post a video of himself rolling in the nearly 263 bucks he’s earned from this “blogging” scam, the greedy twat.


'Snuff said.




For a moment I was very happy I had over $250.00 in Amazon credit I was not aware of!

Now I am sad. =o(


$250 gift card for christmas (unspent)

$12 amazon referral cash from posting stuff like this.


Which is to say, would you please buy some goddamn deluxe cocaine snorting kits already.


Ew, cocaine. Gross. I wish I had some.