Deluxe Snorting Kit is not for cocaine


Twelve bucks for no cocaine? Yeah, sounds about right. Also, this image made me chortle.

I’ve gotta go look at thingaverse for items that aren’t for cocaine now.


When I was an innocent youth, I assumed that Rizla was slang for cannabis. Then I realised that it was a brand of cigarette paper for hand-rolled cigarettes containing absolutely legal tobacco and definitely not for cannabis.


I was at the recreational pot store today, and a device caught my eye.

Two 30cm rollers with a membrane wrapped between them set into a stand. I had to confirm my suspicion. The counter guy confirmed that indeed it’s for rolling a 20 gram joint. A fucking trumpet of a blunt as it were. He described it as “a device for those with kingly ambitions.” I agreed whole heartedly.


I have one of those except it makes joints that come out about the size (and perfectly cylindrical shape) as machine-made cigarettes (because it is one, technically, just machined by you). I assume some people really do use them for making tobacco cigarettes, because that would work just as well.


Pfft. Have you seen a Camberwall Carrot?

Then again, there is always Mighty Joint.



It’s for Adderrall and painkillers.


“Not eligible for Amazon Prime.”


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