1970s magazine ads for cocaine paraphernalia

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Go ahead, you deserve it.

And in case you want to buy some, sadly Amazon seems to be out at the moment at least from this particular vendor.


It appears to be rated three and a half uteri.

(Wait it’s energy level, right? Expressed in uteri? Paging @Missy_Pants, @Mindysan33, @chgoliz… Things are turning around.)




Pretty sure thats a bull’s head. Like a Texas Rangers thing?

Uteri go up, and have googly eyes.



@japhroaig - were you writing ad-copy in the 70s?


I NEED that wallet! although i don’t think i’ve ever rolled a jay strong enough to withstand being shoved into a leather bullet style holder. how are they not destroyed the second you out this wallet into your pocket.

Maybe Red Bull has a rating system?

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I’ve seen similar joint holders and usually the leather is stiff and sized in such a way that most joints would just rest in there protected by the stiff leather.

When I carried joints I had a regular metal cigarette case, if I carry just one joint I have a little plastic tube somewhere around here that was for a loose individual cigarette.

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I’ve never been a coke user (I mean I’ve used it, but it’s never been something I’ve carried or sought out) but I do admire some of the kit that hard drug users seem to collect. In particular I like those little plastic cocaine dispensing “bullets” (I don’t know a proper name for them), and I absolutely adore a vintage heroin addict’s kit with the leather case, glass syringe, silver spoon, the whole deal is all very neat.

The word you’re looking for is “bumper” - and they dispense anything powdered, not just cocaine.

…uh, so says a “friend” …

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I, err, know someone who manufactured a slim aluminum tube disguised as a necklace pendent. However, it was hollow and had a threaded top.

It could store one J or three rolled up hundred dollar bills.

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Coke, especially good coke, tends to absorb moisture, which means they don’t work in the crowded, sweaty environments they’re meant for. Much better to titrate [insert alkaloid salt of your choice] in water and fill up an old Sudafed nasal spray bottle. 2.5ml water to 1 gram = twenty hits or thereabouts (protip: DO NOT mix up the Good Sudafed and the Bad Sudafed if you have a blocked nose and want to unblock it before going to sleep).

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I’ve only ever seen people do it, and I can’t even handle caffeine these days. Chewing on a coca (spelling?) sounds pleasant, but I doubt I could handle much of that. I will naturally just stay up for days, and stimulants don’t help.

It would be nice if there was something like jsfiddle but for life :smiley:

If you can find some old copies of “National Lampoon”, “Playboy”, or even “Penthouse” from that time period you’ll find a lot more — not just for coke and harder drugs, but hydroponic systems, special-spectrum lights, and plans for constructing systems to grow your own weed indoors.

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