This Pocket-Sized Smoking Tool Holds Everything You Need for a Quick Hit

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Is this charade still necessary?


Yep; for CYA purposes, until cannabis is legal in every state and at the federal level.


This is a pretty nice dugout, similar wooden dugouts, with the cigarette one-hitter and ‘smokables’ compartment have been around since I was a teenager. The grinder is unnecessary ‘on the go’, but the lighter is a nice touch.

And why does it have to be for tobacco use only? What if I want to smoke toenail clippings or dung pellets? It’s my right as an American!


Note: This product is for tobacco use only

Evidently this is a product from a world where tobacco is largely sold as dried leaves which the end user must grind before smoking. I can see this being pretty convenient for such uses.

But here we have something called a “cigarette”, where an entire industry is built around grinding the leaves up (possibly after adding other things to them for flavor, longer shelf-life, or increased customer loyalty) and wrapping them into a small tube of paper, which is glued shut and placed into cartons that are on sale all over for not very much money. I’m surprised the ad copy for this world hasn’t been amended to talk about the many advantages this has over smoking your tobacco in a little tube of paper brought to you by a transnational cigarette cartel.


We were in a shop up in the Okemos (Meridian) mall that happened to sell bongs in addition to Japanese ephemera, and they still had “for tobacco use, only” signs up. It’s been legal in Michigan for a couple weeks shy of a year. So weird.


Anyone else briefly read the overtitle as “From the Bong Bong store”?


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