The Twisty Glass Blunt is a smarter way to smoke

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Water is a wonderful filter and it’s eco friendly too.

And I thought that not smoking is a smarter way to smoke.


Ah yes, the kids these days, smoking their tobacco blunts.


FYI, I tried both the “official” version for $50, and an unofficial version for $6 (it was on sale on a site I buy nicotine vape stuff from, so I figured why not). They were functionally identical in every possible way.

That said, even for $6 this thing is more of a novelty than anything else. Expect to clean it with iso literally every time you use it - even by the end of the first full pack, it gets so caked with resin that you can barely twist the thing. It’s also very hard to actually use non-stop - it’s tough to accurately ash without either leaving some ash in the blunt, or knocking some unburnt material out of the blunt. The problem is mitigated a bit by putting the rubber cap on the end after ashing and then twisting until the cap bulges a bit, but that’s pretty inconvenient.
It needs to be packed tightly and fully or it doesn’t perform that well, so expect to go through about 2 grams every time you use it. It’s also not great for filling up and then using over the course of a few hours or whatever, due to the aforementioned issue with it getting dirty and untwistable so fast.

On the positive side, it does hit extremely well, and if you can compromise with the whole “either ash stays in or unburnt stuff falls out” thing, it does stay cherried for a surprising amount of time (although I did have at least one occasion where it actually kept burning down the screw, so I ended up with a few turns worth that were already a bit blackened).


may not be the only thing getting caked with resin. jus-sayin.


Smoking causes lung cancer.

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I don’t get it.



I’ve never used the ‘official version’, but a friend who loves trying out new novelty apparatuses bought a cheaper version at the flea market for $15, and so I got to try it out.

It worked decently and hit well, though all your observations about the lack of practicality are totally spot on.

Then of course, like a month later he dropped and broke it.


Personally I’ll stick with my good ol’ mini-bong.

And for some reason the “tobacco” version costs $10 more than the, uhm, otherwise identical non-tobacco version sold to celebrate 4/20 day last year. :thinking:

I feel like Twisty Glass Blunt is threatening to replace Jackhammer Jill as the Boing Boing mascot.


Not smoking might cause ass cancer.

How is smoking smart?

It is healing, soothing and sexy.



Just FYI, smoking cannabis has not been shown to cause cancer.

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