Twisty glass replacements, cause I broke my blunt


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Gee, whenever it came up before I thought the principle selling point was just “look at this, it’s all twisty and glass, doesn’t it look cool” as opposed to any particular functionality. Clearly I know nothing of blunts.

[quote=“jlw, post:1, topic:101214”]use the corkscrew to remove the ask and advance good weed to the fore-front.[/quote]I mean, remove the ask? If you want to advance the good weed, saying “please” is just good manners. Consent is important. Or something.


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(I honestly thought that was legitimate blunt terminology I had not previously encountered.)


I’m slightly confused. When I was a kid, I saw people using at most 1cm^3 of plant matter to fill a little bowl or pack up tight in a joint to pass around.

I’ve heard things are way more potent nowadays - are folks smoking that much more?


Many long-time smokers don’t leave it at one bowl, now or in the past, unless there’s a good reason to. And no, people don’t smoke “more” now, nonetheless; weed is MUCH stronger now, than it was in the past decades (5-10x or more). I’d say many people smoke more openly, however, if that makes sense.

These things allow you to carry your traveling stash and smoking device as one, compact item, that happens to be smokable while on the move; there’s lots of other variations on this idea (Proto Pipes, for example). You could easily cram enough high-octane smoke in there to last all day, even when sharing widely, unless your tolerance is truly epic >.> .


Twisty is great but there seem to be extreme religious wars over the best way to load it up. It’s very hard to fill it completely without leaving voids along the screw mechanism.


Yes. A whole lot more.


“A fully loaded TGB should more than last all day at a rock festival, or company off-site”

While allowing you plenty of time to keep chanting it’s not addictive and you’re not an addict. Ummhmm.

A device designed to keep nicotine flowing all day would be entirely different of course and someone who worked this hard to keep supplied would be an object of some pity or evens corn…


Hereabouts we call such a device “a pack of cigarettes”.

The kids are all vaping, though, when they aren’t spiking chronic tar with a blowtorch.


right? in MY day, we had joints and one-hitters, and we LIKED IT THAT WAY. man, kids just have no respect for community or tradition these days.


I like the idea of dabbing except for the whole blow torch thing. It reminds me of all the PSA videos about the dangers of smoking crack. Plus that’s all stoners need is a red hot glowing piece of metal on the end of their bongs.


I made myself a stealth pipe where you packed hash between two gauzes, so it was heated, but not directly with a flame, something like a reverse Davy Lamp. It made even moderately good hash taste glorious.


Buy a good dab vape; problem solved.


I have never ONCE claimed I wasn’t an addict, silly.

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