The Twisty Mini can help smokers still enjoy a hit, but a lot more responsibly

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Sure these aren’t the counterfeit lead ones ?


HOW DARE YOU?! That’s genuine lead.


so gotta say, kind of a little ashamed to admit it, but I am intrigued by this product. Has anyone actually used one? Does it “work”? I like the idea of loading it up and twisting out hits. I tend to smoke out of a ceramic single hitter a lot, despite all the maintenance involved, so having a preloaded version of a single hitter appeals to me. Does it get all yucky with resin or does pushing weed out the front kind of keep it swept “clean”?

This looks like a knock-off which is really disappointing (i know because i own a mini and have bought two full sized ones as gifts). A quick look at their site does not show that mouth piece and the shape of the metal spiral does not match their current design/look

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It works pretty well, i personally find the mini size to be pretty ideal. The regular size one is kinda too much for me but my gf has the standard one and she likes it. As far as cleaning, it’s super easy, you do get resin build up inside the parts but it’s supremely easy to maintain. Just soak it in isopropil alcohol, i also ended up buying a small wire brush but in the past i’ve made due with qtips and rolled up toilet paper or paper towels


awesome, thank you for the rec. Just went to the official site, looks well made too. I think I might indulge in one!

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The owner is active on social media so if you ever have any concerns or questions reach out to them via instagram but i am happy to help if needed

I do have a tip actually. They have spare glass vials that you can preload with herb and cap it with some silicone tops, if you don’t have any that you actively need to store herb i would not recommend keeping the silicone tops on the glass vials. They will degrade with time and weld/stick to the glass. I did not use mine for a couple of years and when i decided to get back to it i wasn’t able to remove the silicone because it dried up and stuck to it like crazy, i ended up having to use a knife to scrape it off and took a lot of effort to leave it pristine.

Also the easiest way to load the pipe with herb is to cap one end, put a funnel on the other end and fill it up most of the way. Then remove the funnel and twist the metal screw in. Previously i had been doing it with the screw already in place and it made loading it harder.

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My mother just couldn’t understand that I was being “a lot more responsible” than those other kids when she found my one hitter in my pants pocket.


“Other substances” Funny that we still need euphemisms.

I emailed the BoingBoing store customer support and got the following about this potential counterfeit:


Apr 5, 2021, 11:05 AM PDT

Hi Rose,

The Twisty on Boing Boing shop is definitely a counterfeit of our product. How should we resolve this?
I did not put [Grey_Devil] on this thread, but looks like he already knows it’s a counterfeit.

Rose (Premium)

Apr 5, 2021, 9:52 AM PDT

Hi [Grey_Devil],

We’re happy to help!

We’re an online marketplace for merchants to sell their products on. So we don’t have inventory in-house. In order to get you the most accurate answer(s), I’ve looped in our merchant partners.

If you have any additional questions in the meantime, don’t hesitate to reach out and we’ll be glad to help.

Stay tuned for our partner’s response and hope you’re having a great day in the meantime.

@MERCHANT: Please advise on the request below

**ORDER NUMBER = 6275693

ITEM Glass Blunt Twisty Glass Blunt

*****QUESTION: *****

I am already an owner of a Twisty Mini so I’m not looking to buy this product but I’m highly concerned that the current stocked version you have on the store appears to be a knock-off. It does not match any of the products or designs from the original site. Can you look into it and make sure that what is being offered is not a counterfeit? I’m looking out for you guys :slight_smile:

Note to the mods: Let me know if this is best to delete, i don’t mind but i did want to let it known that the issue was caught.


Agreed that it should be removed from the store. There are certainly plenty of knock-offs of this product, but at the very least they shouldn’t give themselves the same name as the original.

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Well its being advertised as the original as far as i can tell, which is a rather serious issue the people running the store need to resolve (i haven’t checked if it has). But even if these knock offs did original branding there are a lot of concerns that the products are not safe due to lead content, not sure about other trace elements that can do harm.

If anyone here wants to get a cheap deal don’t do so with these types of products, it’s just not safe if its from some random unknown brand. Find a reliable company that’s in your price point and give them your business. I personally like 7Pipe and their Twisty glass blunts, though i am curious about dry herb vaporizers so i’m looking into trying one of those out soon but i still intend to keep/use my Twisty blunt

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