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I see they finally fixed the spec sheet to refer to inches instead of millimeters. Perhaps things are not so hopeless after all.

I see they’re going after someone for trying to infringe on their design patent. That’s kind of interesting.


Would you believe that original brass “Proto Pipes” are selling on ebay and amazon for $200 or more now? Insane. I’ll grant its a cool design, but this must be a collectors thing, like people buying up old Apple Newtons and 1st gen iPods.


You can get an original brass Proto at most headshops for around $50?

I think I have one that is 20+ years old in a roadside assistance emergency bag.


Bought one earlier from the BB store. I don’t smoke often, hardly at all, but when i do smoke with a friend they like to use a pipe while i prefer a rolled joint. Hoping this makes it more enjoyable for me as i rather dislike pipes.


Yeah, I don’t get it. There are actually completed auctions on ebay for “original” Protos that sold for $200, so maybe the key here is “what does original mean”-- is it “vintage” or something? Maybe the new ones are coming from China and people don’t trust the metallurgy, lead-poisoning fears.


I guess the original manufacturer is done, the logo is gone? Looks like his making them under a new name “MendoPipe” and its not quite the same. Lots of clones but I kinda get wanting that PP logo. Not $200 tho. I’m gonna go find mine. It is around.


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