Wait, there's a MINI Twisty Glass Blunt?


Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2017/05/22/wait-theres-a-mini-twisty-g.html


Actually just ordered one directly from 7pipe last week, though i got a version that comes with some extra bits. I do have the regular twisty blunt as well, works pretty nice.


What type of metal is it made from?


It’s brass, coated with titanium. The coating is imperceptible but it’s there i guess. The glass is of good quality and cleans up nicely and easily, i’ve only used mine a few times which is why i’ve decided to get the mini as i think that the standard one is overkill for my needs. Will be reselling the regular one to a friend that likes it.


The thing that always puts me off paraphernalia like this is what a hassle they are to clean, and how they stink like mad after a single use.
But sure, I can see how it might be useful if papers are out due to physical limitations and discretion is not a priority.


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