Boing Boing's summer best-seller: The Twisty Glass Blunt

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This ad copy is getting pretty purple.

A new factory in China just for us BoingBoing readers!

ETA, so y’all don’t think I’m making it up…

And that’s why we are bringing back The Twisty Glass Blunt – Boing Boing’s most popular item of the summer.

Now we have to be honest with you. Because this product was so popular the first time around, you should expect a longer than normal shipping time to receive your device. The creators literally had to fly to China and open up a new factory because so many Twisty’s were sold.


But… but… I’ve been buying all the vapes, I can’t go back to actually SMOKING herb at this point!


[quote=“boingboing, post:1, topic:85507”]At 5mm in length[/quote]Wait, what? I have pieces of pocket lint bigger than that. 5mm in length would be likely to vanish up my nostril. (That’s what you do with blunts, isn’t it…?)

…No, it’s not just the ad copy; the specs actually say 2mm x 5mm x 2mm. The thumbnail image on the store page is larger than that!

What fine sport this is.


Honestly, I’ve been trying – with not much success – to give up smoking.

Wish this thing worked with weed, though…


I ordered one of these on Aug 2 and still haven’t got it BEWARE!


#[Citation Needed]


Follow up message to businesses: If you can’t fill an order you need to COMMUNICATE that to the customer. Also, you should bill people’s credit cards until you are actually able to ship the item. And since there’s no way to cancel the order now, I guess I’ll just have to dispute the charge and get the credit card company on your butt.

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I meant to say “should NOT bill people’s credit cards” but in my anger and frustration I made a typo and boingboing thinks editing is bad (just read their copy)


Good thing they flew to China to open up a new factory! Heaven knows we can’t make glass at a reasonable price in THIS country. Better to fly there, build a factory, then ship it across the Pacific ocean. I wish I could send this back in time to Boing Boing a decider more ago and say “THIS is what you will eventually be selling in your very own store to support your site!” The comments would probably be hilarious!


the world is flat


The order page has stated that there would be a delay in delivery. My order says delivery is sometime in November. It has said that since it was first offered, so don’t say they didn’t tell you.

Also, the measurements are wrong. Should be cm not mm.

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[quote=“1vw2go, post:10, topic:85507”]Heaven knows we can’t make glass at a reasonable price in THIS country.[/quote]Of course not! It’s German-engineered glass. You have to make that in China.


True, and I’m perfectly ok with that, but it might be a good idea for the store not to be flogging it again until they’ve actually started shipping.

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Okay, so it’s not a fancy dildo :confused:

Gotta love the German engineered glass tube, though.

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