The Twisty glass blunt is now... mini!

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Again. Like it needs to be said, but every so often it hits my tipping point. When did BB become the the salesfloor for pot memorabilia?

Probably around the time it started getting legal in a bunch of states. Ya know … like rights and shit?

I know, right? It’s not like the name of the site is Cheech & Chong Boing!

It reminds me of 1950:s enthusiastic tobacco industry ads, the industry people now despice for the decades long slow down of cancer reserch and anti smoking initatieves that would have saved thousands of lives. But this smoke is of course only good for you! cough cough

Lots of things are legal but they don’t get plugged here, because Boing Boing isn’t a “that-themed” site. I never really thought it was a weed-themed site either. It’s like one dude just really got into it though, and wants to tell everyone all about it. Like that guy in high school who talked about how it be legalized because “you can use hemp to make rope”, when he really just wanted to get high all the time. He is now writing product reviews for BB.

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