The Twisty Glass blunt makes rolling papers obsolete


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Is it just me or is this weed is all acceptable and cool now thing just making it boring?


Not quite obsolete, since if smoking alone I won’t be using a whole eighth of herb or more. But this would be nice to pass around for social smoking. I miss cannabis - it’s been years since I’ve smoked any. My tolerance is so minimal now that 1-2 pulls would be enough for me.

As for the hassle of rolling when you want to smoke, they key I found was to roll before I wanted to smoke. What’d do was roll several average size Js in the morning while I had breakfast and read my email, and put them in a case for occasions later in the day.


don’t let the proverbial door hit you on your proverbial ass on your proverbial way out.


I liked the advertisement because I remember the difficulties a friend once had trying to roll one during our college years.

They do look pretty, too.


I think they are like earrings on men:

“Men started wearing earrings to piss off the squares. But now the square are wearing them!” - George Carlin


Speak for yo self!


Maybe it’s the greater exposure in the press, adverts etc just makes it all look like that one “marijuana bore” guy.

I like these. They’re pretty. They also look like a PITA to clean. Haven’t had weed in years though. :frowning2:


I call it “weed”, and not “cannabis”. Do I have to leave as well?


Very, very good marketing associating the product with numerus positive things. This is one of the major problems with legalization, starting all over again with getting rid of the cool smoking, it took decades and manny cancer victims etc before a major dent were made in tobacco smoking.


Call it whatever you want! If you’re only smoking weed to be a super cool rebel though, and it bothers you that more people are freely allowed to enjoy it and it annoys you that it’s not “underground” anymore, etc etc like the knob who commented above, then you’re doing it for all the wrong reasons. Personally, I can’t frikin wait till it’s so “boring” that I can buy it anywhere, anytime, without a prescription, as easily as I can pick up a six pack of bud light at a gas station. If its ubiquity means less hipsters are into it because it’s not “cool” anymore, it would be win win.


Thanks, and if it is legalized and my work allows it, let’s burn one down, sometime. But let me add that ‘the knob’ (the pillock! the pratt!) you referenced above has a pretty good reputation (in this BBer’s eyes) for integrity and, like the rest of us, posts some snark here and there. I’d recommend that you don’t read too much into @TobinL’s remark above, but that’s just me.

EDIT: I don’t ‘pick up’ bud light anywhere. Usually, I’m putting it out of the way so I can reach the good brews. :wink:


It’s the stupid lifestyle commercial being used to market it.

Maybe they were trying to co-opt the 90’s Mentos commercials or something, but the commercial actually turned me off of the product. And this is literally a thing that I would consider buying as I love joints but hate rolling joints.


please define “hipster”.


Hmm…needs more plaid, more cowbell…



Please. Knob is so last decade.


Boing Boing: Where the World Goes for Their Weed Needs


looks at many earrings in the mirror


Unfortunately, for those of us who still live among the barbarous savages on the east coast, that’s not the case yet.