This compact pipe is perfect for smokers on the go


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I am already sick of “smokers on the go” here in Vancouver.It seems that half the city is stoned all the time. That actually doesn’t bother me much, but it includes half the fucking drivers, and that DOES. OK, I’m exaggerating, but the waft of smoking from the drivers’ window of cars close-passing me on my bike is not a rare occurrence.




Yeah, I saw something similar behind the counter at a local store, and it said “for tobacco use only” so I’ll pass. Disappointed.



One clean hit and then hours of enjoying the ever increasing taste of resin and tar.


I found the rubber stopper difficult to slip over the burning end, and twice the whole thing fell apart while using. A pipe with a cover would be safer for on the go toking.


I don’t understand. They sell tobacco in ready-to-consume tubes called cigarettes or cigars. Who the f&*%# smokes a pipe in 2018? Why is Boing Boing promoting tobacco usage? I’m so confused.


They seem a happy bunch of mutants…


These newfangled pipes don’t make any sense to me. How am I supposed to blow soap bubbles with that thing?


I’ve noticed this as well. Last week I was stuck behind a car keeping time with traffic on the #1 - except he was in the carpool lane with nobody in front of him for as far as the eye could see.

At first I was thinking he forgot his new driver “N” sticker but now I think it was a stoned driver trying to blend in and be inconspicuous. Nevermind that the speed limit is 90 and he was going 60.

I was tempted to pass on the left in the emergency lane, but yeah, that’s just too dangerous on a bike in December.



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It’s just not the Pagan Tree Decorating season without twisty glass blunt ads on BB.


As a product, they’re actually not at all bad; my homie bought a knockoff at the local flea market for twenty bucks. It worked great… until he inevitably dropped it.


One reason I switched to vaporizers, in addition to being more discreet on my porch in central Texas and no nasty bong water, is that I’m a klutz when there’s something delicate in reach. Same reason I gave up on swanky wine glasses.


But where are your other 5 chars? :wink:


Understood; I regularly channel ‘the Spirit of Jack Tripper’… several very nice glass pieces have met their demise over the years because of it.




Smart-arse. :wink:


I wonder what BBs endorsement policies include and exclude.