Smoke discreetly in any environment with the Genius Pipe

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When people do this sort of thing with booze it’s called alcoholism. If you have to go to these lengths to hide your smoking, you need help, not a better method of concealment.


Burning leaves… How 2010 of you.

more and more states are allowing people to smoke in the great outdoors with absolute freedom

… … what?

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Oh you assume they mean tobacco. Silly mutant.


I just mean I’ve been noticing a seemingly nationwide expansion of no-smoking public areas in general.

I cannot attest to whether or not they were using this product.

But some bold soul lit up in the bathroom on my flight to Maui. Nobody seemed overly concerned with it, so I guess it’s true what I’ve heard, that Hawaiians are super chill (and by extension Hawaiian airlines).

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Treachery! This is not a pipe! The only TRUE pipe is the SUBGenius pipe.


Still looks like a pregnancy test. What happens if you pee on it?


Or you live in a police state.


If you need to hide your smoking because you will be arrested if you do it at all, you live in a police state.

If you need to hide your smoking because it is frowned upon at your job as an air traffic controller, you need help.


Promoting smoking paraphenalia yet again? You should know better.

65 bucks and it doesn’t hide the smell somehow. Total ripoff. What happened to the little brass pipes from back in the day. Virtually indestructible and highly customizable, They didn’t hide the smell either but for 65 bucks you could build an amazing Frankenstein pipe.

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The only people that are going to buy this are newbies with little to no experience with a pipe. The tiny bowl is probably ok for a first timer. But the rest - trust me, that pipe is going to fill up with tarry gunk ASAP. Also, unless it’s made with insane manufacturing tolerance there’s no way the slide-apart body won’t leak air.

I’d be interested to hear from an actual user - not someone who looks at it and thinks “Cool!”

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