Free stock images and videos of "everyday" people using marijuana

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I like the women in one of the videos smoking ganja and playing “Sorry” – I can’t imagine playing that game if I was either sober or over the age of 6.

It’s still not cool to smoke in bed - even if it is marijuana. I lost a place to a flatmate smoking and practicing guitar in bed.

This could make those “woman laughing alone with salad” stock images make a little more sense.


I feel like this is prejudiced against the shaggy spicolis of the world

I think the first photo chosen has a couple shaggys.

I don’t understand all the affluent people smoking out of crappy little pipes when bongs and vaporizers exist…

It’s not like smoking weed out of a pipe is fun. A shitty bong costs like $20 and makes the smoking experience about 20 times better than a $10 pocket pipe just because you don’t get scoobies and the smoke isn’t 400 degrees.

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I can’t live with musicians either.


I had a great conversation with 2 members of a national touring band with a massive following this one day, certainly people you would assume have connections.

Long story short, even they have been reduced to soda cans while on tour at times. But they also looked pretty Spicoli, so…

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Makes sense, I guess. I mean, if you’re touring around the country on a bus, and don’t have a medical card in all the states (WA and CO notwithstanding at the moment), then it might be best to just do makeshift equipment, seeing as if you don’t want to go to end up in an Alabama jail getting worked over by officer “don’t do drugs, do 'roids instead” then it’s probably a benefit to be okay with throwing out your piece after one use.

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I dunno, when my buddies and I back in high school got too blazed to concentrate on playing DnD, we’d switch to Sorry, and play it in “extreme mode” where each bump back to home also came with a dead arm, so that “we can sincerely be sorry.”

Dumb adolescent shenanigans. But it did make the game more interesting, at least at the time.

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When I was too blazed, I wanted to play Paranoia, but unfortunately my friends didn’t.


Our DM was the kind of smoker who doesn’t get more creative but just… Slows… Down… To… A… Stop… Even with Sattivas. Whereas I end up as hyperactive “Professor LDoBe” and end up teaching people about math and science because I get so enthusiastic about it. It’s fun as hell. I spent my whole high school career teaching math to the other students because my math teachers sucked and didn’t care, and I really enjoy teaching when I’m lit up.

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I’m gonna guess you are from the US. When looking at US media (whether it’s TV or movies or literature, whatever), I also noticed that a lot of people use pipes. I think it’s typical to the US, because here in London I’ve never actually met anyone who uses a pipe (or bongs for that matter)

As a 60-year-old Californian, I never would have imagine such a thing ever. This photo really tickles me on a lot of levels. I am mostly thankful that pot has become increasingly socially acceptable, warts and all.

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