WATCH: Grandmas smoking weed for the first time


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Great PR!

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They need to legalize nationally already. I know a lot of older folks that could stand to chill out and have a good time.


:disappointed_relieved: i watched the whole video and it was cute, but its just like, man these cute old ladies do not need to be inhaling any kind of smoke, expecially when they could just put a whip attachment on the vape sitting RIGHT THERE!!! those connect to a bong as well, for an experience that is even better than a vape individually, and CERTAINLY better than a bong rip with a butane lighter… classy.

maybe i’m just jaded by the effects that come from an (admittedly irresponsible) decade of inhaling smoke, but with all the cool new ways of getting high, smoke is just so… literally dangerous to your health :frog: lets let that tradition die/fade away (in my opinion)

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Lady, we ALL need more.


You prefer wooden matches too? I thought I was a unique snowflake in my preference for matches over lighters. Now I light a candle and use it to light small sticks or match stick on the other end so I don’t get the sulfur blast.

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These grandmas look to be in their 60-70. Which means they grew up at the height of the 60’s and the Woodstock generation. I really doubt this is their first time smoking weed.


Weirdest Golden Girls episode ever.


I am so bad at matches. :frowning: Maybe I just need better matches. Also, they have a distinct smell, which isn’t always desired (although personally I enjoy the smell of sulfur).

Also, I doubt there is much risk from a few isolated drags.

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You misspelled greatest!

Granny Woncha Smoke Some

Apparently hemp wicks (hemp string soaked in beeswax) are a thing if you’re trying to avoid butane or sulphur.
NFI how well they work.

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Hey! #TheMoreYouKnow and #TIL and all that shit! Nice. Thank you! I shall look into it. I live in a hippy part of Vermont now, I bet those exist here. As long as they aren’t ridiculously expensive, of course, heh. :smile:

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Meanwhile, the heroic CPB continue to risk life and limb to save us from this terrible sourge:

(just happened to be close to this item in my RSS reader)

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Very funny :smile:
Reminds me of the tail end of many friday nights in the early 2000s :smile:
Oh previous life, where is thy sting!!

Are you telling us that Hearst didn’t get specific illegalisations for this too?

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Don’t they know it will stunt their growth!

My parents are about that age, and I can guarantee you they have never smoked. There were plenty of uptight suburban midwesterners to go around back then. Martinis = fine. Weed = dirty California hippies.

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Sadly, after the conclusion of this video, all the Grandmothers succumbed to REEFER MADNESS!!!

The Government tried to warn us, but us kids were too hip to take heed.


Ansligner was right! The devil weed makes nice white ladies say things like “dildo” and “pussy farts”! That one lady is about to go on a wild ironing rampage! Next thing you know, they’ll be dancing. We’ve got to put a stop to this.