Watch charming grannies smoke weed for first time in Amsterdam


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I basically blew boogies out my nose laughing. Oh shit that was good.


Tonally, this series is all over the place. Sure, this episode is cute, but the one where they go to the Middle East and join ISIS is really dark.


That’s it? I was expecting/craving something like 45 minutes of that. I want me some stoned granny stories about the wild stuff they did in their 20s!


I think the original was better:


Age 73 in 2016 means age 22 in 1965. It suspect it took a few interviews to find a completely naive subject of that age. Nonetheless, these women are delightful.


Aw, this really makes me miss my mom. She passed at age 84 a couple of years back. I bet she could have used a serious drag or two on many occasions in her life.


Me too! Where the hell’s the footage of the stoned grannies???


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