Grandpas smoke weed for the first time

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They are lads. I´d smoke weed with them anytime.


I’d like to jump in on some of that!

There’s no way in hell the guy in the middle has never smoked weed before.


I felt the same way when I saw Graham. With that leather jacket and Prince Valiant hairdo, he looks like he could have been the “supply” man found backstage at any Crosby, Stills and Nash gig in the early 1970s. Looks can be deceiving though! His reaction seemed like a genuine first-time experience. Thumbs up to those gentlemen!


jesus, how many hours did they have to sit there and smoke?? i like the varied reactions. graham seems like a fun dude to hang around with. i bet he has some great stories.

One of my favorite days was playing boules with some 70+ year old men in Vermont, in February - to the gills.

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